An emerging artist. Born in Mexico in late 1984. His trajectory has been for more than twelve years empirical and has been shaped since his beginnings autodidact in a search that has yielded its fruits and given a visual language that characterizes him. Once mastered all techniques is identified with oil and includes a collage of all possible materials in almost all his works.
Angel Bobadilla’s figurative contemporary art is acquired by art lovers from all over the world, and has been dedicated to captivating the taste of foreigners and nationals.
Among some criticisms that seek to catalog his work have baptized it as Tragic Surrealism. But above all his work invites the viewer to criticize, understand or catalog it. And this happens when the artist himself is portrayed in all his works…


"Here the traces of a battle"

1st exhibition - September 2001. Collective exhibition. Receiving an honorable mention for originality from the Cuautla Morelos City Council.
2nd exhibition -2002. Solo exhibition at the lovie of the Hotel Villasor de Agua Hedionda, Cuautla, Morelos.
2004 He installed his first gallery workshop in Tepoztlán, where he regularly holds individual exhibitions of his work to date.
2005 A pilot workshop began.
2007 Group exhibition "Ho Are WE" at Casona Spencer.
2009 He continued to share countless workshops with renowned artists.

icono espatula_b

Charles Bukowski said that if you don’t feel passion when you’re doing something you should quit because if you’re not a hypocrite you don’t do what you’re passionate about.

For me it sounds like a commercial and saleable phrase. I paint even when I don’t feel like painting, when I’m sick, happy, angry etc... And many times in the creative process there are waves of emotion and sometimes not.

These kinds of phrases can bring frustration, because in life and work there are things that must be done and not all are on stage. So it sounds like an intellectual Hollywood to me.


"Today I play the role of a painter"

Angel Bobadilla Ruiz, a self-taught student, discovered his passion for art at the age of 19, and has since dedicated himself to the plastic arts.

He has based his creative ability on experimentation with organic and recycled materials, and although he has a mastery of all techniques, he leans towards oil. In this way he has professionally consolidated his artistic development.
Books have been published with his works on the cover and he has given workshops in private schools throughout Morelos.
Throughout his career he has sold more than 1000 works that are found in Australia, Holland, Italy, France, USA, Canada, Argentina, Belize, among others, as well as in the hands of emerging art collectors. The vast majority of his work is in Mexico.

Continuing on the journey...

2010 Participated in several collective exhibitions, being the most important in the Borda Garden in Cuernavaca with the format Artist’s Book.
2010-2011 He is invited to exhibit his works in the gallery "Rentrus" as part of his monthly group exhibitions.
2011 Solo exhibition "Ex-haciendas de Morelos" at the Narciso Mendoza Theatre later at the Hacienda de Cocoyoc hotel.
2011 Participated in the auction of the Mercedes Benz Agency Stuttgart Cuernavaca, Morelos (selling 4 works out of 6 presented).
2013 Was part of the auction Agua Fuerte Gallery (selling 1 work of two presented).
2014 Collective exhibition "Woman: from Realism to Abstraction" in Yuri López Kullins Gallery, ``El Arte es para Todos`` of the Fundación Nacional de Artistas Plásticos y Visuales; and "Feria Ethos" Centro de Convenciones Banamex Santa Fe, Mexico, DF.
2015 Permanent exhibition at the Arte Siglo XXI gallery in Polanco.
2017 Permanent exhibition at the Tequisart gallery in Tequisquiapan Querétaro.


The place where the muses do their thing

Arq. Pablo Gonzales #13 Centro de Tepoztlán, Morelos

(044) 735-1385-375

Charles Bukowski dijo: que si no sientes pasión cuando estás haciendo algo debes dejarlo porque si no eres un hipócrita que no haces lo que te apasiona.

Para mí suena como una frase comercial y vendible. Yo pinto aun cuando no tengo ganas de pintar, cuando estoy enfermo, feliz, enojado etc… Y muchas veces en el proceso creativo llegan oleadas de emoción y algunas veces no.

Este tipo de frases pueden traernos frustración, porque en la vida y en el trabajo hay cosas que se deben hacer y no todas son sobre un escenario.

Así que para mí suena como un Hollywood intelectual.