Un artista plástico emergente. Nacido en México a finales de 1984. Su trayectoria ha sido por más de doce años empírica y forjándose desde sus inicios autodidacta en una búsqueda que ha rendido sus frutos y dado un lenguaje visual que lo caracteriza. Una vez dominadas todas las técnicas se identifica con el óleo e incluye un collage de todos lo materiales posibles en casi todas sus obras. El arte contemporáneo figurativo de Angel Bobadilla es adquirido por amantes del arte de todo el orbe, y se ha dedicado a cautivar el gusto de extranjeros y nacionales. Dentro de algunas críticas que buscan catalogar a su obra la han bautizado como Surrealismo Trágico. Pero sobre todo su obra invita al espectador a criticarla, entenderla o catalogarla. Y esto pasa cuando el artista mismo se retrata en todas sus obras…

Angel Bobadilla

Sometimes I think we are like children who play to imitate creation...

An emerging artist. Born in Mexico in late 1984. His trajectory has been for more than twelve years empirical and has been shaped since his beginnings autodidact in a search that has yielded its fruits and given a visual language that characterizes him. Once mastered all techniques is identified with oil and includes a collage of all possible materials in almost all his works.
Angel Bobadilla’s figurative contemporary art is acquired by art lovers from all over the world, and has been dedicated to captivating the taste of foreigners and nationals.
Among some criticisms that seek to catalog his work have baptized it as Tragic Surrealism. But above all his work invites the viewer to criticize, understand or catalog it. And this happens when the artist himself is portrayed in all his works…

The theme of my work is the human being, creation and life.

One of my concerns when I paint is that the subject of my work is understood.

The idea of using different materials is to enrich my pictorial language.
So my supports are the couch where I deconstruct each character with their pathologies or virtues that characterize them. And so I deal with what is important to me, the themes that will identify me with the viewers: nature, man and all its complexity and this represented in the most elegant way I can find.


I have been dedicated to the plastic arts for 20 years.

My training is self-taught, based on experimentation with organic and recycled materials, and although I have mastered all techniques, my favorite is oil painting.


2023: Art Fest MÉXICO. Puebla, MX

2023: Arte Capital WTC, CDMX

1). 2023: Stand 7, BADA México, Campo Marte, CDMX.

2). 2022 October: ArtFest plaza Solesta Puebla.

3). 2022 October: collective exhibition “El Arte como Denuncia”, Agua Fuerte Galeria.

4). 2022 September: collective exhibition “La Poética del Cuerpo” Galería Óscar Román.

5). Participation in The Conversatorio “La Poética del Cuerpo” at the Óscar Román Gallery.

6). 2022: Serie: Arte Vivo (segunda temporada), Canal 14. Star broadcast on March 25, 2023.

7).2022: Stand 7, BADA Mexico, Campo Marte, CDMX.


1). 2021: Colectivo Dutxican Art Gallery, Ámsterdam.

2). 2019: Individual participation “Mi Universo” in the inauguration of the Centro Cultural de Chilpancingo, Guerrero (Zumpango del Río).

3). 2018: Collective Inauguration Gallery 324, Puebla, Puebla.

4). 2018: Celebration 40 Years Federal Police, Cuernavaca, Morelos.

5). 2017: Individual exhibition CAPUFE Cuernavaca offices, with more than 40 works.

6). 2016: Agreement with Galería Tequis Art, in Tequisquiapan, Querétaro.

7). 2016: Colectiva Freixenet México, Queretaro.

8).2015: Exhibition at the Siglo XXI Gallery of Malke Tapuach, located in Polanco, CDMX.

9). 2014: Group exhibition “Mujer: del Realismo a la Abstracción” at Yuri López Kullins Gallery.


2014: ``El Arte es para Todos`` by the National Foundation of Plastic and Visual Artists.

2014: "Ethos Fair" Banamex Santa Fe Convention Center, Mexico City.

2012: Agua Fuerte Gallery Auction, at Roma, México DF.

2011. Auction at the Mercedes Benz Stuttgart Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Individual exhibition "Ex -haciendas de Morelos" at the Narciso Mendoza Theater, later at the Hotel Hacienda de Cocoyoc.

2010-2011: I am invited to exhibit my work in the gallery "Rentrus" in their monthly group exhibitions.

2010: Several group exhibitions, one of the most important was at the Borda Garden Museum in Cuernavaca with the format "Artist's Book".

2007 Collective exhibition "Ho are WE" at Casona Spencer.

2001: I had my first individual exhibition at the Hotel Villasor, Cuautla, Morelos.

2000: My first exhibition was collective in September, receiving an honorable mention for originality from the city council of Cuautla, Mor.

Memories in deconstruction, portraits of my essence

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Everything I am... ripped from my workshop, where the muses do their work...

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Giving pleasure to all those comezones of painting so many things

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Creation Process

I rely on experimentation, stealing new textures and expressions from organic and recycled materials

Pictorial need or as I prefer to call it running after the muses
Sketching - One more day trying to imitate the creation
Applying Pigments - Seeking My Own Pictorial-Expressive Resources, and Ripping Out New Meaning From Materials
Finished or maybe it means I’m no longer willing to deal with him...