An emerging artist. Born in Mexico in late 1984. His trajectory has been for more than twelve years empirical and has been shaped since his beginnings autodidact in a search that has yielded its fruits and given a visual language that characterizes him. Once mastered all techniques is identified with oil and includes a collage of all possible materials in almost all his works.
Angel Bobadilla’s figurative contemporary art is acquired by art lovers from all over the world, and has been dedicated to captivating the taste of foreigners and nationals.
Among some criticisms that seek to catalog his work have baptized it as Tragic Surrealism. But above all his work invites the viewer to criticize, understand or catalog it. And this happens when the artist himself is portrayed in all his works…

The signature

This time I want to talk to you about why I sign with an eye figure, it’s nothing mystical, masonry or those little things. I really sign an eye because the signature means Visual Arts, and it is completely God’s gift that we have to see and admire all these beauties.

And this is the way I paint, I hope you like this video...